Help for Victims of Hurricane Ian

ABC of Florida meets daily with Florida Emergency Management Services on behalf of the Construction Industry. We are your connection between services and assistance you need, and ways that you can offer help. Please utilize the following resources to secure and offer assistance:

To Offer Help:

Disaster Contractor Network Online - if you are a licensed contractor in
Florida and can offer your services to those in need - please register on
this website:

Contact Your Local Chapter - and link back to this page -
We know each of our five ABC Chapters in Florida has information from their regional members about local relief efforts.  Please contact them if you are looking for information on how you can help with the recovery efforts taking place in your area.

To Volunteer:

If you or your company want to volunteer in these recovery efforts, Florida is asking for you to register via the Volunteer Florida landing page so that help is being sent exactly where it is needed - visit this website:

Financial Assistance:

The generosity of our members is second to none. If you or your company are looking to make a financial contribution to assist in recovery efforts, we ask that you do so through the State so that money goes exactly where it needs to go as it is needed - please visit that website:

If You Are In Need of Business Assistance:

Visit the Florida Business & Industry Disaster Resource:

If you hit roadblocks or hurdles to your business recovery - please notify us

Email Us