Tallahassee Legislative Conference Recap 2022

The 2022 ABC of Florida Tallahassee Legislative Conference was a tremendous success

With more than 110 people in attendance, members of ABC worked the Capitol, meeting with Representatives and Senators on issues of importance to the Commercial Construction industry. We shared the impact that shipping delays and supply chain problems, inflation and skilled worker shortages have on the price of projects, the volume of work being done, and the potential for disastrous outcomes if these problems do not change. We discussed the importance of Apprenticeship and Workforce Education and had the opportunity to thank Governor DeSantis directly for his support of this critical education path. We shared the importance of competitive marketplaces and strong but sensible industry regulations to ensure that member companies have increased access to increased opportunities throughout the State of Florida. Thank you to all who joined us for this important event - we look forward to seeing you in March of 2023.